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Lee Jae Hyo ‘Return to Nature’

International-renowned Korean sculptor Lee Jae Hyo creates powerful and striking artworks with the simplest materials found in nature around him, in particular, wood and nails. He had the ability to identify the exact property of each material and display it to the best of its ability, playing with its contrasting surfaces and textures to mould them into large geometric pieces.

“My art is about the material,” said Lee. “Everything begins and ends with the material. I simply want to show the nature of my common raw materials like wood and nails.”



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Park Seung Mo

Korean sculptor Park Seung Mo creates giant ephemeral portraits by cutting layer after layer of wire mesh. Each work begins with a photograph which is superimposed over layers of wire with a projector, then using a subtractive technique Park slowly snips away areas of mesh. Each piece is several inches thick as each plane that forms the final image is spaced a few finger widths apart, giving the portraits a certain depth and dimensionality.

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Art Stage 2012- Have you seen?

If you made a trip down to enjoy the spectacular Art Stage Singapore 2012, you may have spotted Chen Wen Ling’s hard-to-miss “Red Memory” and “China Scenes”.

Ode To Art Contemporary held a solo exhibition for one of China’s top ten contemporary sculptors, Chen Wen Ling. This exhibition showcases artworks from his two renowned series of sculptures: Red Memory and China Scene.

We were very proud to have such a great artist with us and representing him at this prestigious event!


Featured in Her world (Magazine)

Featured in Randian (Online)


Featured in plussixfive (Online Magazine)


Our director, Jazz shares her views in TODAY (Newspaper)

About Art Stage Singapore

Art Stage Singapore is an international art fair, showcasing a wide spectrum of Asian Art. The art works selected to be exhibited have gone through stringent selections to provide the optimal and best quality for collectors, artists, curators and galleries. Staging this show in Singapore embraces the rendezvous point for the East and the West, celebrating both emerging regional artists as well as international superstars.

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Stolen Childhood


“I was shocked to hear that my work Childhood-Morning was damaged and stolen from the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition in Cottesloe. I feel sorry and pity for what was happened! The news of the theft of my sculpture has not changed how I feel about your wonderful city, but I do not understand how this man could behave this way. I would like to thank the founding director David and many of artists and people who wrote email to censure of this behavior and support me. I still remember I were exhibition in Cottesloe in 2011, I greatly enjoyed my visit to your city last year for Sculpture by the Sea and to experience many feelings of friendship from so many of you. You are lucky to live in such a beautiful city and I was honoured that my sculpture was voted the People’s Choice Prize and the Kids’ Choice Prize. I believe that a beautiful place and friendly people and wonderful art can let us forget the unpleasant and towards a better further. See you soon Australia!”- Chen Wen Ling

On a fine morning of March 12th 2012 along the coast of Cottesloe’s annual Sculpture by the Sea exhibition, Chen Wen Ling’s popular red sculpture “Childhood-Morning” worth $64,000 has vanished from the site. This news had shaken up people in Perth’s Art Community.

The red sculpture was detached at the ankles leaving behind a sad little pair of feet. Soon after the investigation took place, the main part of the sculpture was found in the house of the 24 year old man who stole the artwork.

At the end of the day, even though the poor red boy was vandalized, but we are still glad that the people enjoyed the exhibition. With Chen Wen Ling’s optimistic outlook in life, he’s looking forward to more exhibition in the future!

Red Memory Series

With an internationally renowned artist like Chen Wen Ling, his artworks have attracted audiences from all over the world, bringing joyful memories for the young and old alike.  The use of bright red colour in presenting the boys depicts not only the symbolic and auspicious colour considered by Chinese traditions but also, a testament of the artist’s fiery attitude towards life.  The Red Boys, naked and free have nothing to hide. Simple and true- a direct communication with nature and a conversation between society and people is what Chen Wen Ling’s works communicate to the audiences. The cheeky expressions and arresting poses is a celebratory call to the audiences-embracing the inner child in every viewer.  The Red Boy series have attracted locals, international audiences, academics and avant-garde critic alike to appreciate them from their own perspectives.


Find out more about Chen Wen Ling



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The Rain in Singapore Falls Mainly in the Plains

It’s been raining so often in Singapore that we couldn’t help but think of Chinese sculpture artist Cai Zhisong, whose recent works, “Cloud”, were featured at the 54th Venice Biennale this year at the entrance of the Chinese Pavilion.

This spectacular series of massive “Clouds” are  filled with helium to rise, fall and float about according to the temperature and other environmental factors such as the wind. It’s probably the closest experience  you’ll ever get to “walking among the clouds” besides mountain-climbing. Or perhaps better: what’s even more amazing is that these masterpieces are designed to emit scents of Chinese Longjing (Dragon Well) Tea, together with the gentle rattle of wind chimes.

It’s a divine combination of science and art presenting the audience with scents, sounds and visual euphoria to invoke sentiments of wakefulness and enlightenment reminiscent of buddhist monks. Wish you were there to see it yourself? Our Director, Jazz, was there to meet the artist himself. Jealous much?

Jazz with Cai Zhisong and his work, "Cloud", at the Venice Biennale 2011

If you haven’t been able to make it to the Venice this year, fret not that you’ve missed out on one of the most prestigious contemporary arts festivals in the world. We’ve got great news for you: we’ll be bringing a piece of the Venice Biennale to you!

Cai Zhisong will be at our Gallery @ Marina Bay Sands Shoppes this 16 December at 7pm to showcase his sculptures in a solo exhibition entitled Timeless Heritage. It’ll be an evening of fun, food and drinks where you can surround yourself with a range of works from his other series of sculptures, “Motherland” and “Rose”.

Refinement to Motherland No. 2 (2003) made of sheet plates and brass wires

Cai Zhisong with "Rose" at his solo exhibition in China, 2009

This sculpture, "Custom to Motherland No.1" was what made Cai Zhisong the first Chinese artist to win the prestigious Taylor Prize at the young age of 29.


We invite all contemporary art-lovers to click here for more of Cai Zhisong’s works and mark Timeless Heritage down on your calendar this coming December 16 for 7pm.

If you have a keen interest in ancient China and beautifully thought-provoking art, and would like to meet this internationally-acclaimed artist himself, you wouldn’t want to miss this event for the world – rain or shine!

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